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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 24, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new this morning, a live look at the bay bridge. a nationwide crackdown on i-80. we'll tell you about the challenge law enforcement nationwide is taking part in this week. >> and new plans for a bikini bar in downtown san jose. >> we'll take a look from the south bay, looking over san jose, spanning the city on this wednesday, july 24th. this is "today in the bay." it's the middle of the week, that means it's getting closer
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to the weekend. >> lots to get to this morning, but first let's check that forecast. >> good morning to you at home, that's right, it's a wednesday, want to help you get over that hump so you can enjoy that weekend. and what i can tell you about today is temperatures are starting out really crisp. but it's going to be hot this afternoon. 4:31. first let's check that drive. >> wednesday typically, as we do today, see a lot of road work, this is the most road work we see overnight tuesday into wednesday. over here at the coliseum, it's not an issue. but northwest of downtown, you have some crews typically blocking one or two lanes. there's no real slowing through this area and no real construction from that stretch to oakland. south of 880, down to san
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leand leander. >> we have more road news to tell you about right now. chp now teaming up with law enforcement nationwide for a special crackdown on i-80, from san francisco all the way to new jersey. officers will now be on i-80 for the start of the i-80 challenge. this is a week-long effort for zero fatalities on the roadway. right here at home, when we think of i-80 we think of the bay bridge and the way to tahoe. but it also runs through ten other states. this time officers in all 11 states will team up to stop all speeders, drunk and distracted drivers. i-80 spans 2,900 miles making it the second longest highway in the nation. speed is to blame for most of
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the fatalities that occur on i-80 each year with most happening during the week of july. a man accused of killing two women at san francisco's jewelry mart are supposed to be in court today. police say he walked into the jewelry store on july 12th and opened fire killing two women and critically injuring the owner. he is currently being held without bail. and we have a follow-up for you this morning, there is another delay of the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. the plea has been pushed back to next month to allow more time to go over evidence turned over to the defense by the prosecution. lamar disappeared in march of last year. her body has never been found.
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the allegations are mounting against the ymca child care worker in morgan hill accused of molesting a 5-year-old girl in his care. the girl is the first of three that say they were molested. all of them under the age of 7. the y has a strict policy that no worker be alone with a child. investigators are trying to determine how the assault would have happened. the oakland zoo is on -- zoo officials say a 16-year-old volunteer found a small bat on saturday. the mexican free tailed bat appeared to be in disstress outside the otter exhibit. the volunteer picked it up, took it to the zoo veterinarian. turns out that bat had rabies. >> the animal's mouth came into
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contact with her skin, but we don't know whether it broke the skin. but we have to assume that there was a potential bite there. the girl is now undergoing treatment but is become to work at the zoo. the bat may have been living under a nearby freeway overpass. right now we want to tell you got a controversial bar that's about to open in downtown san jose, this one is a bikini bar. it's opening next month at the corner of west santa clara and market street. it is a bikini bar means no nude dancing. one applicant tells us she doesn't see a problem with the club. >> i'm not expecting much because this is a part-time job and i'm trying to break into the industry as a bartender.
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it's not so much about the money, it's really about the experience. >> the bar is located in an historic location, the old san jose building and loan association. that's because while the building has housed a nightclub, it has housed a night club before, it's zoned for entertainment and does have a permit to serve alcohol. that's why there have been no chances so far for public comment. a peninsula high school will hold a meeting tonight to talk about the recent invalidation of the student advancement test scores. the school has decided to pursue -- the told mill high school it would invalidate the ap test scores of hundreds of students saying the school is not following the strict seating rules for the test. the school has hired an outside law firm to look into the issue.
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a court ruled newspapers can publish the names of the police officers involved in that pepper spraying incident at cu davis. all of the names of the officers involved may be presentsed. the uc police officers union which wants the names to remain confidential must now decide whether to appeal the case to the state supreme court. of course this all happened back in 2011, when a group of student protesters were pepper sprayed during a peaceful protest. the suit filed by the head of the african maritime sailing team said that the yacht club did not act in good faith when it rejected the team's application. the group is seeking an inswrungation to delay the event scheduled to start in september.
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but the golden gate yacht club says it is confident the cuts will go on as planned. the two sides are expected to meet with a new york judge today to determine if there will be a hearing. >> a lot of stories surrounding this race, that has nothing to do with racing. 4:38 right now, some showers in the forecast. >> good morning to you, john and laura, good morning to you at home. that's right, now we have made it to wednesday, we're done with the showers, we're going to cut your humidity in half for today and we're going to crank that heat as well. so it's still going to be kind of hot but it's really not that bad. we broke the triple digits. good morning bay area, you probably need a little extra time this morning if you're headed down 1, there's some fog out there this morning. 61 right here in san jose, and 67 degrees. your hour by hour forecast works
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like this, if you want to get outdoors today inland, you have until about noon. you need to start drinking that water and seeking shade, because it's almost dangerously hot and we have that humidity as well. 92 degrees in livermore, 89 degrees in concord, 83 in san jose, these are your true temperatures, it's going to feel about 3 to 5 degrees warmer when you tack on that moisture. i'll let you know when it's not going to be so sticky icky and when that dry heat returns. our first check on the roads. mike, what's up? >> it's flowing on the freeways. don't let me drive. looking over here to fremont, a free drive to south 880, a nice drive. 680 and mission, that's where we have construction on the on and off ramp. those crews should be clearing
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right now as they finish overnight road work. watch the transition and traffic control. there's also a little traffic problem going on, a stalled car as you approach the san mateo bridge. it's really just 60 miles an hour at the toll plaza. 92 shows a live look here coming off of the high-rise, not a problem. 4:40 right now and san francisco finally getting free wi-fi in public areas, at least in 31 of them around the city. today city leaders along with google planning to announce a free wireless internet service in parks, rec centers and plazas. the $600,000 gift from google will cover the cost of equipment and maintenance for two years. we can tell you new york and paris already offer free wi-fi
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in certain parks. it's 4:40, starbucks can getting into a new business. what the coffee company is doing this morning. plus the new plan to stop mail delivery to your home. we'll let you know what some lawmakers are suggesting to help the postal service save money. the victims of the boston marathon bombing, a very special event happening today.
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welcome back, everyone. good wednesday morning. mail delivery direct to your door could be a thing of the past. new communities already have installed the centralized mailboxes, but southern california representative darrell issa wants all mail to be centralized. he says ending door to door service will save the cash strapped postal service $4.5 billion a year. opponents say it will make it harder for the disabled and elderly. a judge will now hold a hearing today to figure out whether retired public employees could actually block the filing. detroit's emergency manager
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wants the judge to put a hold on several lawsuits including chapter 9 bankruptcy saying that it violates the state's constitution. city workers there are concerned the filing will lead to cuts in their retirement benefits. apple is the stock to watch this morning. the cupertino company -- for more details we turn to hampton pierson, good morning, hampton. >> how are you doing, laura? yeah, picking up on what you were talking about, watching apple shares today, the quarterly profits fell sharply as revenue rose slightly. but apple sold 31 million iphones, but most of those sales were of older iphone models. apple doesn't make as much money off those apple devices which are typically discounted. apple's forecast for the current quarter isn't exactly wowing
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wall street analysts however the stock still jumped 4% in after hours trading last night. and futures are higher after a mixed close in the markets on tuesday. the dow closing at a record high. a surprising drop in a reasonable manufacturing index. today we do get date to on new home sales at boeing, caterpillar and pepsico. the nasdaq slipping 21 to 3579. we do have starbucks teaming up with dannin to introduce new yogurt products. laura, back to you. >> looks like you have to head
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to starbucks, hampton. have a great day. >> i was about to say, i'm starting to get hungry here. 4:46. >> good, good morning to have your breakfast outside, watch that sun rise, it's going to be really, really nice today. with those mid level clouds coming through, you get those oranges, those reds. hopefully we'll show you some of those live pictures as we go throughout the morning. giving you a live look at some of the shower activity still coming down across northern california. an area of low pressure continuing to pump in some tropical moisture that combined with that monsoonal flow, it's really bizarre out there, but things are going to change back to normal as we head into the weekend. for this morning, 62 degrees, good morning to you livermore, you're 61 in concord, 58 degrees to start the day in napa. we're going to be having about half as much humidity to start the day. but quite a bit muggier than
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usual for our area. we're going to see a little bit of storm activity. we're going to watch those flash flood watches go up yesterday at about 4:00. same deal for today. if you're going to be headed to tahoe, keep that in mind. you really want to stay tuned to the weather forecast. the most active time of the afternoon is between about 3:00 and 7:00. 92 degrees in livermore, 83 in santa terisa today. and 83 degrees in beautiful san jose where we get to wake up every day. 93 degrees on satuday, 91 december on sunday. a few clouds on monday and a little fog returns by tuesday. but really no major -- former nfl star now accused murder aaron hernandez back in court this morning. he's scheduled to appear in a massachusetts courtroom for a probable cause hearing. but prosecutors, they're expected to file for a 30-day
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continuance in order to give a grand jury time to issue an indictment. the case would then move to superior court, making a probable cause hearing unnecessary. the former new england patriots tight end now stands charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of oden lloyd. hernandez pleaded not guilty. after more than three months of grueling rehabilitation and numerous surgeries, the last boston marathon victim to be in the hospital is finally returning home. the 34-year-old is expected to be released from a reh rehabilitation center today. he lost his leg in the bombing on april 15, and his body is still full of shrapnel from one of the explosions. but despite that, he says he's eager to get back to a, quote, normal life. the blast killed six people a. a growing dissatisfaction
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with the way things are run in washington. a wall street journal poll released overnight says people think everybody is to blame. the president's approval rating way down now. it sits at 35%, just one point from his lowest every. congress is at a new low, just 12% of americans think congress is doing a good job, and nearly six in ten people say if they had a chance to do it all over again, they would get rid of every single member of congress. when it comes to who's to blame, republicans polled say it's the republicans' fault, while democrats and opponents say it's the dualing political parties. the president hitting the road today to try to shift the focus from the gridlock in washington. he'll be stopping in illinois and missouri to talk about the economy. it's 4:50, proud new parents and their new little prince is waking up at the palace in london.
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the couple said it was an emotional few days. understandably. they're definitely going to need that rest. the next few weeks will be busy. just hours ago, the queen arrived at kensington palace to visit her new grandson. the royal couple and their new son will visit kate's hometown in the coming days as well. yesterday the duke and duchess of cambridge appeared in front of the crowd to give them a glimpse of the new baby boy. >> it's very special. >> something any parent can understand what an emotional thing this can be, very special. prince william expected to take a few weeks off before returning back to work. the couple says they're taking time to get to know their son before they name him. >> i've been learning so much about the royal couple and the family and all that.
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apparently in england it's good luck to have polka dots. 4:52 right now. spread the knowledge. hand to paw combat. the founder of a local tent company rescued his dog from a violent raccoon attack. and looking over here to the golden gate bridge. a foggy view here, getting ready for the morning commute. and we do have a crash to talk about in the south bay coming up.
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my son, aden, has asthma. secondhand smoke has triggered his asthma so bad to the point where he has to end up in the emergency room. and he has spent multiple nights in intensive care. now he's on a whole bunch of medications. my tip to you is: don't be shy to tell people
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not to smoke around your kids. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. where you ready for some football? the niners hoping this year they not only get to the super bowl, but they win the super bowl. the team's veteran's reported to the field yesterday. the stanford cardinal already making school history as laura garcia-cannon helps me on this one. get the cold beers and your comfortab comfortable share. the season tickets have sold out at the school.
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after the rose bowl victory, stanford has sold a record 33,000 season tickets to all the fans out there and the school says yes, a limited number of tickets will be going on sale a week from tomorrow. the cardinals will play san jose state on september 7. a man chased a raccoon down stairs to protect his dog. a warning, surveillance video posted to youtube might be tough for some to watch. kevin rose says he woke up in the middle of night to find a raccoon attacking his dog outside of his san francisco home. he scooped the dog up to safety and then he hurled that raccoon down a flight of stairs. t
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rose says he doesn't encourage animal violence, but he says he feels he had to step in to save his dog. this video has had more than 6 million views so far. but those raccoons can be pretty agree. >> that's love for your dog. he attacked the raccoon, and raccoons are no joke. >> they can be very agree. sharp teeth. we're going to move on now to 4:57 is what we want to tell you. the giants honor local law enforcement. we're going to tell you about a very stirring tribute that's coming up next. and we're also hearing this morning from an area nurse credited with saving the life of a palo alto woman minutes after her small plane crashed. we'll get it all together for you coming up. i love the concept of mentoring because you're really able to
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make a difference in the life of one young person. my mentor is a role model for me. she told me about all the opportunities that there is in life. she has transformed into an amazing young woman, and i feel so fortunate to be a part of that. i think a mentor can really open the eyes of a young person to all the possibilities that are out there for them if they just go after their dreams. so get involved and do your part, invest in the future,
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mentor a child.
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>> and a refreshing start to the gay. it's going to be a hot day ahead, but wait until i show you where we could see more thunderstorms. your full forecast in moments. plus a whole slew of overnight road work and a crash in the north bay. we'll give you that report on highway 101. and a look outside for this wednesday morning. that's right, you're halfway through with workweek. it's wednesday, july 24th. this is "today in the bay." >> it's 5:00 in the morning. >> this morning a south florida woman is in jail accused o